Le cartucce filtranti per depolverazione sono elementi specifici per impianti di abbattimento polveri e sono particolarmente adatte per la separazione e il recupero di polveri secche.

Cartucce Filtranti

BF 120-RD 72

Cartucce Filtranti

BF 145 3L

Cartucce Filtranti

BF 40

Cartucce Filtranti

BF 40 3L

Dedusting cartridges can be made with different types of filter media to which special specific treatments are applied to make them suitable for as many applications as possible, with the highest performance in terms of efficienze and permeability with reduced load losses.
The main fabrics used are: - Cellulose - Polyester. A treatment can be applied to these: - FR (Flame Retardant) Nanofiber - Antistatic - Teflonate - Water/oil repellent and corrugated

The fully welded folds joint for the entire height of the cartridge with ultrasonic to ensure maximum tightness of the folds to the backpressure of the cleaning systems.

Molded back in pregalvanized sheet metal with high corrosion protection. Lower case back with central reinforcement to support the mechanical effort of the tie rod. Flange/ring bonding with filtering media and mesh made with polyurethane. Two-component glue resistant to the action of oils, hydrocarbons, acids and bases diluted in gaseous currents.

Seal seal triangular section in EPDM or rectangular section in expanded MOUSSE with high elastic memory; Bonding to the case back with high strength cyanoacryl adhesive to ensure maximum sealing in humid and chemically aggressive environments and in case of disassembly.

Internal and/or external support in perforated or expanded galvanized sheet metal, calendered and pointed. All components are rigorously selected to withstand the most stringent working conditions.

  • Working temperature: - 10 + 100 ° C
  • Certificazioni fornibili: Bia usg, usgc
  • Efficienze : 99,99 % at 0,5 my