Since 1981 B Filtri srl deal with filtration and industrial dedusting.

In the flow of the years achieved excellent quality standard and thanks to own production is able to keep prices competitive.

Starting from each single raw material (end caps, glue, polyurethane, filter media, gasket, nets and strips) we can offer personalized solutions of high quality standard for your filtrations and air purification requirements.

Our products are the result of a multi-year experience in the filtration branch, of a steady activity of research and of strict tests and they stand out for a high-quality with very competitive prices.

Our production range of high technological content has been used with success to filter dusts coming from copious industrial process, like:

  •  Sandblasting – Shotblasting
  •  Painting
  •  Laser cut / Plasma / Oxyfuel
  •  Smokes welding
  • Deburring and Grinding
  • Making timber
  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical
  • Plastic
  • Food
  • Sfiato silos
  • Cut and processing of rocks and ceramic
  • Pneumatic transport (toner, talc, fire extinguished etc.)