B Filtri Srl offers an exclusive service of assistance and maintenance of your filters/dust collectors.

The maintenance of intake systems is often underestimated and plays a fundamental role in the process of dust removal and abatement of pollutants in the industrial sector.

We have teams in different parts of Italy and our technicians are constantly updated and trained on new technologies and regulations in the field of filtration
If required, we can perform a functional verification on:

  • flow measurements
  • differential pressure of the system
  • correct operation of cleaning solenoid valves
  • electric fan
  • condition of the ducts and the filter body which, if placed outside the company, could give rise to any infiltration of water
  • correct functioning of the hopper discharge
  • correct sizing of benches, hoods, suction brackets

after this verification we can intervene or simply give suggestions to be made to improve the situation mainly our maintenance activity consists of:

  • replacement of filter elements
  • replacement and/or repair of the pneumatic cleaning system
  • economizer programming
  • adjustments and tuning of the plant
  • installation of the chimney where it does not exist

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